From their About section:

Mike is dedicated to exposing 9/11 Truth and government corruption, along with promoting anarchist philosophy,

Harris is a researcher of giant human skeletons.

Covering news and conspiracy

Topics usually include liberty, police state, corruption, philosophy, technology, conspiracy, globalism, global elite, technocracy, Orwellian nightmare, voter fraud, human rights, politics, secret societies, Illuminati, ancient history, alternative history,drones, giants, vaccines, United Nations, Agenda 21, gun control, cop watching, space, science, demons, aliens, nephilim, new age, religion, Christianity, Jesus, satanism, occult, lucifer, pyramids, GMOs, Monsanto, fluoride, military industrial complex, federal reserve, prison industry, lobby groups, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg group and countless other topics.

We reach thousands of people over multiple nationally syndicated networks including, ConspiracyWire, FPRN, LMR,, Truth Frequency Radio (90.7FM Denver), and many affiliate sites as well!

In 2014, The Rundown Live partnered with Waking Up Wisconsin to form a physical magazine that can be found locally in the Milwaukee area on online in PDF form by visiting