About Us

After watching all of the hoax, fake, satire and click bait websites proliferate the internet, we thought is was time to start tracking and make a place for people to identify these sites more easily. This is not an exhaustive list since these sites are popping up faster than we can keep up with them.

We do not debunk each and every post.  We do a few to help others be able to discern truth from fiction for themselves. Below are a few tips on identifying satire/hoax websites

  1. Does the headline match the video of facts in the story?   If they do not, it is a hoax site.
  2. Can the story be found on a major news outlet?  This is not always sufficient

Sources where we compiled these lists:

“These sites don’t worry about saturating their pages with a ton of ads because they don’t really care about anybody staying on the page very long after ending up there,” Joseph Finkelstein, an SEO expert with Los Angeles-based design firm Desired Reaction, told me. “The articles themselves are just filler stuffed with high trending, low competition keywords associated with current news stories. The way they make money is all in the headlines they’re designed to be inflammatory but just believable enough to entice partisans to click on themor better yet, share themwithout looking too hard. Each page is so loaded up with revenue-generating advertisements that as long as they can get people to click over for a minute, they’re making money.”  via New Republic

Please contact us if you have any questions or feel a website is listed incorrectly.